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dividing lines

I have a few different options for creative edits, if you see something you'd like, just let me know!



There are a couple different options for double-exposure edits which we will need to discuss beforehand, so I can make sure I get the shots we need to make it come together.

$65 per edit



Taking that "old time-y look" to a different level. I can take photos from today and make them look like they were taken decades ago!

$35 per edit

Selective Color

 Selective color

For selective color edits, you choose which area(s) you would like to draw your focus to with color, or you can reverse it and make the main focus black and white. It's your choice!
$25 per edit

Pop Art

Pop art

Want to look like a comic book character?

Choose a photo from your session and 2 of your favorite colors, and I'll get to work!

$30 per edit

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