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I love being able to get extra creative with my edits, so I thought "why not give other people the option to have some of there own photos with a little something extra?".

If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can check out some examples of double-exposure hereor see other creative edits here.

Creative Edits

I first started film photography in 2019 for one of my college classes, and to this day I am still in love with the quality that comes from 35mm negatives.


I want to offer you the opportunity to add a roll of film to your session! I use Kodak Porta Pro Color 35mm and Ilford HP5 Plus Black White 35mm film.

*This is only available as an add–on for individual portraits and couples sessions!*

A Roll of Film

Who doesn't love Polaroids?!

They are super fun, and the best part is you get to take them home with you right after your session! No waiting!


I use Polaroid 600 film (the classic full size Polaroid). You can add on 8 color or 8 black & white Polaroids.


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